Kate White, MFT - Counseling for adults and couples
About Kate White
I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT license #46564) with a private practice in Oakland. 
I graduated with my master's degree from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA.
My Approach
Harriet Goldhor Learner, Ph.D. notes, "In our rapidly changing society we can count on only two things that will never change...the will to change and the fear of change." Change, no matter how badly you desire it, can be hard. The comfort and sense of safety to maintain sameness exists for a reason. I help guide clients on the path to change in a gentle, thoughtful manner. Paradoxically, "change" often means arriving at acceptance and compassion for oneself.
My approach and orientation is varied and tailored to meet the needs of my clients. I frequently integrate mindfulness--the act of being conscientious and intentional in our actions and being aware of the present moment--into our work. I believe a mix of in-depth exploration paired with hands on, concrete tools maximizes potential for growth and development. We'll work together to define your intentions and hopes for therapy on an ongoing basis.
Art Therapy:
In addition to being a licensed MFT, I am a trained art therapist. Art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process is both healing and life enhancing. Art can be a powerful tool in the therapeutic process, as it is often a less threatening means of exploration. Art therapy focuses on the process, not the product, so no experience is necessary.
When we think and talk, we use our frontal and left brains to process and retrieve information. When we engage in art and other forms of creativity we engage our right brains, which facilitates integration within the brain. It also allows for access to more unconscious material, which can often enhance and accelerate the therapeutic process.
Art therapy can:
  • serve as a less threatening way to explore painful and traumatic experiences
  • serve as a historical account of treatment, as it is a tangible form that can be referenced as needed
  • enhance & accelerate the therapeutic process by integrating both verbal & kinesthetic modalities
  • bridge developmental, generational & cultural gaps

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